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I have a small product that we sell nationwide. I believe one of the special features of our product, ‘The St. Joseph Home Sale Practice’, is the WHO behind this product. The clients at Planet Access Co. take great pride and care in the assembly and shipment of my item; alongside, the dedicated and caring staff whom assist in the smooth and professional operation of aiding businesses such as mine.

Because of my Admiration for all that Planet Access is and does – I have added the following, very-visible verbiage onto my product’s side panel:

Your statue was packaged with care by a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Thank you for supporting Planet Access Co., a social enterprise of Search, Inc. Find out more >>

I have had nothing but positive remarks and resulting loyalty from my customers for what my product stands for, both inside and out!

Ann DeMartino, President, TWOS Sales, Inc.

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For over 10 years Planet Access Company has been our sole source for providing our distribution and storage needs. Each order, whether routine or specialized, is carefully handled. PAC’s attention to detail at this level allows for Novation to focus on marketing our growing brands and further develope relationships with our customers. Corinna Boyle, VP Operations and Finance

TCX USA - Novation North America, Inc.

TCX USA - Novation North America, Inc.

I have never seen a company more dedicated to quality and customer service. I can’t begin to express how impressed I am with Planet Access Company. We’re very proud that every piece of product shipped from the PAC warehouse creates job opportunities for people with disabilities. At the end of the day, it's this type of partnership that makes getting up in the morning and facing the day that much more meaningful.

Gordon Seabury, CEO, Toad&Co