The Warehouse

“I have never seen a company more dedicated to quality and customer service. I can’t begin to express how impressed I am with Planet Access Company.”

- Gordon Seabury, CEO, Toad&Co

The Facility

Planet Access Company is a leader in third-party logistics offering customized warehousing, inventory management, business to business and business to consumer (e-commerce) fulfillment, special handling, packaging and kitting services. Our 63,000 square foot, state-of-the-art distribution center in Des Plaines, Illinois provides easy access to I-90 and I294, as well as close proximity to O’Hare airport.

Your product is safe and secure with Planet Access Company. Our warehouse is a fully secured site, with zoned building access for appropriate personnel and remote, 24/7/365 monitoring. Our facility is 100% sprinkled with the alarm panel tied into the local fire department.

Flexible, No Surprises Pricing

Planet Access Company’s commitment to excellent service begins with your pricing plan. Each inventory’s needs are different, and our customized pricing process respects and reflects that difference. We are up-front with you about our key costs and activity assumptions before coming up with a pricing plan appropriate for your needs. Your pricing plan guarantees you’ll understand your costs and contract and avoid unpleasant pricing surprises down the road. Get a pricing quote now >>

Personalized Service from an Experienced Team

The Planet Access Company team is more than your supply chain partner; we’re an extension of your brand. Our below industry average overhead costs allow us to provide you with the personalized support your brand deserves. Here at Planet Access Company there are no department layers or bureaucratic choke points standing in your way. Whether it’s to modify a customer’s address, cancel an order or solve a technical glitch, our response time is measured in hours not days.

We offer a unique mix of personal attention, flexibility and expertise to provide you with the highly customized fulfillment strategy that supports your brand and fuels growth. Trust your product to Planet Access Company and cut the hassle out of inventory management and order fulfillment.

Inventory Transparency

You can view your inventory, order status, and all transactions in real-time when you log on to Planet IMS, our proprietary online inventory management system. Our secure, searchable reporting website allows you to look up a specific order or item, view activity over a given time period, or view inventory levels for a specific season or style of your product. You can also see any adjustments made to inventory, as well as the reason for the adjustment - whether it’s an error in the quantity the manufacturer shipped, mislabeled styles, or defective manufacturing processes.